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We offer high-end, client-focused services through an integrated process offering full-fledged results in the field of ship design, shipbuilding, and industry-related consultancy.


Concept Design

Forming the initial phase of a project, the Concept Design consolidates the Client’s specified requirements in a preliminary but feasible design proposal, within limited amount of time. Pre-requisites for such a design are the good overview of Maritime Industry, the High Level of Experience and the Enhanced Creativity Skills.

Leadship's team, having already a considerable reference list of Concept Design Projects aims to further expand on it via breakthrough designs.


Tender Design

This is the outcome of the second phase of the design process during which, all the key performance indicators from the Concept design are expanded and validated with approval in Principle from Class.

Following the official Tender Design package, Leadship offers guidance during the collection of offers from yards. Deep knowledge of the Shipbuilding Industry results in fruitful agreements, both from a technical and financial point of view.


Basic Design

Official signing of a Shipbuilding Contract is followed by the development of a full Basic Design, which includes submitting of drawings, calculations and reports for Classification and Flag Authority approval.

This process is project specific and highly adaptable, depending on the requirements that need to be fulfilled and the documentation that needs to be handed in.

As a result, extended communication with the selected yard’s technical department on the one hand, and the Class representatives on the other side, while maintaining the client’s requirements is a familiar process for the Leadship team, that can ensure the smooth project development.


Detailed Design

The shipyard or the selected contractor will further develop the approved Basic Design documentation to prepare the workshop and production drawings that are required for shipbuilding.

Leadship, collaborating with its European partners for detailed design engineering, can guarantee the quality and on time delivery of a design that facilitates the building process in terms of accuracy and schedule

Our experienced professionals can undertake commissions covering a broad range of marine consulting services

  • Energy optimisation - Increasing efficiency and asset value, lowering cost of ownership

  • Vessel optimisation - Life extension and increasing asset value

  • Vessel upgrades - for compliance with new regulation or a new operating profile

  • Troubleshooting and inspections

  • Front-end analysis services - identifying the best vessel solution for each application

  • Vessel surveys and valuations

  • Vessel procurement services





On-site supervision and support by qualified Naval Architects, Marine Engineers and professionals with practical experience

  • Early involvement of on-site members in the design/plan approval process ensuring project understanding and continuity.

  • Inspecting steel construction, outfitting installations, machinery installations, coating applications, electrical installations and interior finishing.

  • Ensuring construction as per approved drawings/specifications andmaintaining a high level of quality.

  • Completing the project and delivering it to owners.

  • Transferring back on-site experience to the design team, for improving future designs.

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